Kamini design Studio website design service
We design websites keeping you and your customers in mind. Web design involves much more than making a pretty website. We create beautiful and functional websites that represents you and your business. We are Kamini design Studio are here to help you create a web presence and a visually stunning website that will help you grow your business. We are here to take your ideas to the next level. With our 10+ yrs of experience in website design and lots of happy customers, we can assure you that the website we design for you will work for you.
Kamini Design Studio Website Development service
At Kamini Design Studio, we offer full front-end and back-end website development. To us "Code is Poetry." Coding is like poetry in that, it is precise, efficient and short. We create and develop websites that are bug free and perform super efficiently. At Kamini Design we ensure your website runs smoothly on all browsers and platforms. We not only design beautiful websites but also take pride in coding it using the best practices and making it super easy for you.
Kamini Design Studio Graphic Design Service
Logos, Business Cards, Marketing collateral, packaging or any other Custom Print projects, we offer full range of Graphic Design services. We will make sure your brand speaks for you and your business. We work with you and your ideas, we ask questions and listen to your needs, your preferences and what you want to achieve. We then take your thoughts and design your brand. Your brand represents you and your business and we make sure that it does and does it very well. We have several years of experience designing everything from Logos to Banners. Whether you need some quick business cards or want full range of marketing material for you next expo, we can help you with all your graphic design needs.
We LOVE working with WordPress at Kamini Design Studio. It is our go to for CMS based websites. We can install, customize the look, feel and function of your website with WordPress. We can also convert your existing website to WordPress so that your content is in your hands- literally! If you can work with a word document, you can easily update your website content yourself, without having to pay someone to do it. WordPress makes it very easy for you to make content updates. We always like to make things easier for our customer and save you some money. By creating CMS based WordPress websites we give you total control of your website to you.
We offer full support and written documentation to help you maintain your website and run it smoothly. Kamini Design Studio also provides WordPress training. Whether you are a WordPress newbie or have been using it for a few years, we can provide you quick and time-saving tips and tutorials. On completion of your website, we offer a free Skype session where you can quickly learn how to make all the updates that you can and what to be careful about. We at Kamini Design Studio also provide document for future reference so that if you get lost, you can quickly look up and make your updates. This doesn't mean we will not offer any help, in case you need to ask a question or want us to make an update, we are always happy to help you.
Website Maintenance Kamini Design Studio
Kamini Design Studio also offers Website Maintenance. We understand how important it is for our customers to having their website up and running, working hard for them. We are happy to offer website updates, content, graphics, media updates etc. We have several convenient plans that you can chose from. We have monthly, or yearly plans based on how many updates and maintenance issues you want us to take care of. Once we build your website, we will always be there to help you will your website requirements.