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Kamini design Studio website design service

Kamini design Studio website design service

Kamini Design Studio has created websites for wide range of clients including large business corporation, non-profits, band websites, apparel e-commerce websites, direct marketing sites etc. If your company or you offer a service or sell a product then we can help you take it to the next level. We will work with you to create a compelling website that will tell viewers your story.

We offer fully customized websites that is right for you. We do not believe in “one size fits all” approach. We believe that your website should reflect and represent you and your business and we create a strong web presence for you. We start with an initial questionnaire, set up an appointment to meet you personally or set up call / Skype session to discuss your business needs and goals, hear your story, come up with design ideas, create wireframes and layouts, design and develop your website for you. Along the way we always discuss and keep you in the loop.

Making the best first impression is very important with websites. Customers don’t spend more than a few seconds looking at a website they do not like. Before they can read about your mission statement or navigate their way to products, they already decide if the website is worth taking seriously. That means your website gets no more than 4 seconds to make the best impression possible and we know how to do it. We know the importance of fast loading sites – customers don’t wait for a site that takes too long to load, they immediately move on to the next site. We at Kamini Design Studio ensure that your website loads fast and has the right impact needed to keep your customers attention. Websites we create are both engaging and captivating.

We don’t stop at the completion of the website. We make sure to use the best practices and strategize with top search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure your website performs well in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

We also provide training, support and documentation to help you maintain your website and to keep it updated. We believe in keeping our prices fair and maintaining best customer service possible. We are very quick with answering phone calls, emails and with any help that we can provide.

Please take a look at our Portfolio and Testimonials from our previous clients.

We are here to help you with creating the best website for you and your business.

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