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Kamini Design Studio Website Development service

Kamini Design Studio Website Development service

At Kamini Design Studio, we offer full front-end and back-end website development. To us “Code is Poetry.” Codes should be simple, elegant and beautiful and yet should have powerful effects, like the effects of poetry on human, may be a little different. To write a poetry/create an art, you should be able to think “out of the box”, otherwise it won’t be good. Same thing applies to codes. We create and develop websites that are bug free and perform super efficiently.

Web development is an important aspect of creating a website. Web development is really the heart and brain of a website. Web design ensures a beautiful layout, fonts, buttons, navigation, images, content and everything that is visible but without web development nothing will function. We take pride in writing code that works efficiently.

Kamini Natarajan, founder of Kamini Design Studio has a solid background in coding. She is always on top of the latest technologies and uses the best practices when it comes to developing your website. Kamini believes that web development should be of the highest standards and with expertise in HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript etc she makes sure the websites created by Kamini Design Studio not only looks stunning but works flawlessly and super fast. As a business owner, you should not need to worry about your site not working on a certain device, or your site not being able to make that sale for you or the site being too slow to load- those are some of the problems and issues that we address here at Kamini Design Studio and deliver you a website that performs 100% and is best optimized for all devices, browsers and platforms.

We LOVE using WordPress and building websites with WordPress. We can help create custom functionalities, totally customize the look and feel of your website and create a website just right for you. With WordPress installed and running you are in the drivers seat – you can make content updates, replace images and take full control of your website. We will provide full training, support and documentation required for you to makes these updates. We also totally understand if you do not wish to do that, if you are too busy or simply think it is better to have us maintain and update your site for you. We offer monthly and yearly website maintenance packages to all our customers.

A solid web development is essential for your site’s performance. We at Kamini Design Studio understand the importance of having a rock solid code behind beautiful web design. If web design is about look and feel, web development is about performance. We do not want to create “just a pretty looking face” for your business, we develop a website that functions lightning fast, is reliable and easy to find on the internet.

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